"Place of the Submerged Crocodile"

Our trip to the 1600-year-old ruins of the Mayan city of Lamanai began with an open water boat crossing from Ambergris Caye to the mainland, followed by another boat trip down the New River, through a mangrove forest full of wildlife.  Click the thumbnails to see full-size pictures.

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A baby crocodile, about 2' long

Cruising up the river

A ring-necked something-or-other

Panorama of the New River, taken from atop a Mayan pyramid.  The smoke is from brush fires caused by slash-and-burn agriculture.

Fisherman on the inland part of the river en route to Lamanai

Guide explains the carvings on a Mayan stele; it depicts a ruler and the dates of his reign.

A Mayan temple.

The Jaguar Temple, glimpsed through the jungle

The aptly-named High Temple, 120' high

The High Temple, being scaled by brave souls

Alice successfully summits the High Temple

The brave souls make their way back down (scary!)

Our guide points out an original (no restoration) carving