Rich visits China

June 4-10, 2004


Rich visited China in June 2004 in order to attend a conference in Nanjing.  He had a one day stopover in Beijing, where he met up with the family of a software engineer who used to work for him.  They were extraordinarily gracious and spoke essentially no English.  BUT, they brought along a family friend who not only spoke very good English, but who was a professional tour guide to boot.  So we had a whirlwind day in Beijing, seeing about as much as one can see in about 8 hours, before enjoying a remarkable traditional banquet-style dinner.

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The next day, Rich flew to Nanjing for a 4-day conference.  It was very well attended (about 100 people) and included not one, but TWO banquets.  The second was a small affair hosted by the president of the university where the conference was held, and included traditional dancers and exotic unrecognizable foods.

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