Sibren Graduates from Cornell

May 29-30, 2005

What a weekend!  Even the Ithaca weather cooperated (mostly), showing off Cornell's spectacular campus to best effect and making the days even happier than they already were.

Sibren graduated as one of 20 physics majors, every one of whom is going on to graduate school (Sibren to Princeton).  He received his degree "with distinction in all subjects".

I don't even want to try and convey the emotional intensity of the weekend.  Just go look at the pictures...

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Convocation. Gen. Wesley Clark spoke in a very crowded Barton Hall (the main gymnasium).  After his talk -- look for a 2008 Presidential run, folks -- there was a reception in a big tent on the Arts Quad.

Commencement.  This was the main event.  After the university ceremony, there were department-level receptions where the students received their actual diplomas. Sib was given his by the physics department chairman, who remembered Rich from over 30 years ago.

The House on Eddy St.  Sib lived with a dozen or so friends, most of whom graduated at the same time.  They held an informal party at their house, where they spent the weekend alternately getting keyed up and unwinding.

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