We Return to Costa Rica!

  April 14-21, 2005


We loved Costa Rica so much on our last visit in 2001 (click here to see the pictures and story from that visit) that we've been pining to go back ever since.  Last time we were in the Osa Peninsula, in the southwestern corner of the country.  This time, driven by an interest in the volcanic region in the north, we stayed in Guanacaste Province.  It is the northwest corner of the country, hence also on the Pacific.

The other big difference from our last trip is that this time we did not go alone, but rather rendezvoused there with our good friends Laura and David (that's them on the left).  Sometimes we did stuff together, sometimes not, and everybody was happy.  At the end of the trip we were even still speaking.


There are well over 100 pictures from this trip so to make viewing easier we have divided them up into four Webshot albums here.  Just click on the images at left (below) to go to the appropriate album.  Once you're in the album, click on the thumbnails there to see the pictures at full size.  As usual, just hit the Back button to return to here.

Our hotel and environs: the Allegro Papagayo ("Happy Parrot", or, as we referred to it, the "Screaming Chicken").

Palo Verde Nature Reserve.  This was a boat trip past crocodiles, iguanas, and assorted cool stuff.

Arenal Volcano.  We stayed at the beautiful Los Lagos hotel, right on the slopes of this (active!) volcano.  We also had the Mother of All Zip Line rainforest canopy adventures.  See the pictures!

Coco Beach.  A popular beach and tchotchke-shopping area about a 30 minute drive from our hotel.  Quaint little town, beautiful beach, cheap temporary tattoos.

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