Sibren Graduates from Princeton

June 5-6, 2006

Sibren received his Master's in Electrical Engineering in the course of a two day extravaganza that included a (1) "hooding ceremony" for advanced degree candidates only, at which he received his master's mantle; (2) the commencement itself, which included the graduating seniors; and (3) a graduate student reception hosted by the alumni.

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Hooding. The hooding was a lot more intimate than commencement because every individual student was called to receive his or her hood.  Sibren's is yellow (for engineering) and orange (for Princeton).

Commencement.  There were about 700 graduating seniors, plus the advanced degrees (another 200 or so, including Sibren).  There were a number of honorary degrees awarded, including (strangely) one to Mia Hamm.

Reception.  This was just a lunch put on by the alumni.  Interesting, one of the attendees milling around was John Nash, subject of the movie "A Beautiful Mind".  For the record, he does not look even slightly like Russell Crowe.

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