Sibren Visits San Diego

May 31-June 4, 2004

The Whirlwind Tour

Due to the perennial delays at Chicago O'Hare (summer thunderstorms do this all the time), Sibren was delayed a few hours and arrived around 9:00 PM or so on Memorial Day slightly bedraggled but in good spirits as ever.

He only had three full days here, so the grand tour consisted of the following:


Day 1:    Balboa Park, followed by a drive down across the waterfront, then up through Mission Bay to La Jolla, and on to Torrey Pines.  Torrey Pines is famous for (among other things) its "Glider Port", where the well-heeled and foolhardy (that's us) can jump off a 200' cliff and rely on a flimsy nylon wing to save them from destruction.  Being an indulgent father, I treated Sib to a ride.  See the pictures!


Day 2:    The famous San Diego Wild Animal Park, followed by a drive out into the desert.


Day 3:    Tijuana!  Want some Rogaine/Paxil/Prozac/Viagra/or anything else?  A picture of yourself next to a donkey painted to look like a zebra?  Any of an infinite variety of hideous souvenirs?  This is the place!  Tijuana (widely known as "TJ" around here) is only a 45-minute drive from home.  You can drive across, or avoid the traffic jam by doing as we did: park at a lot on the US side of the border and just walk across the bridge.  

It was a great visit, and of course way too short.  See the pix (hosted at by clicking on the link at lower right.  As usual, just click on the thumbnails to see the full-size image, and hit "Back" to get back to here.

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