A Week in the Galapagos!

...was a genuine one-in-a-lifetime experience.  (Not least because another week hiking over lava fields in the equatorial sun would probably kill us.)  Click here or on the thumbnail next to the title above to see our Galapagos photo album.

We spent our week aboard the eco-yacht M/Y Flamingo I, an 85' boat carrying up to 20 passengers (19 on our trip) and about 10 crew.  The crew included 2 naturalists.  Every day, we would split up into two groups with a naturalist for each group, then take Zodiacs to shore for a day of hiking, natural history, and snorkeling.  At night we'd receive a briefing on the next day's activities (characteristics of the next island, dominant species, etc.) and the boat would sail overnight to the next island.  Every day brought something different (today is Iguana Day!).  All in all, quite extraordinary.

In addition to 7 gazillion pictures (don't panic, there are only ~100 in the album), we took a number of short videos as well, ranging from about 20 seconds to 2 minutes in length.  Click on the thumbnails below to see them.

Hiking on the cliffs among the birds, iguanas, etc.
The famous Galapagos tortoises
The equally famous Blue Footed Boobies, in a mating dance!
Boobies diving for fish
Sea lions, doing their sea lion-y thing
Sea lion versus marine iguana!  Who wins?
Marine iguanas, slinking around en masse
Frigate birds (those guys with the puffed up red pouches) fighting over a nest
"Sally Lightfoot" crabs.  You've never heard of them, but trust us, they're really cool.