December 31, 1999
Ringing in the Non-Millennium
Bowie, MD

Herewith a historical record so that, decades from now, when we are boring each other with sugarcoated and wildly inaccurate reminiscences of this milestone New Year's Eve, we will have a place to turn to remind ourselves of who we were really with, and what we were doing.  The cast of characters:
  • Jonathon Bruno (friend of Gabriel)
  • Richard Cember (coworker of Rich)
  • Jay Fagan (Boy Scout colleague of the Stehmers and Sibren and Gabiel)
  • Judyann (Glazener) Feinstein (Sibren and Gabriel's Mom)
  • Paul Feinstein (Judyann's father-in-law)
  • Christine Ford (close friend and weekly dinner partner of Rich, Alice, and Warren)
  • The Isaacmans: Rich, Alice, Sibren, Gabriel (Us!)
  • Don and Jo Mack (Rich's boss and his wife)
  • The Oswalds: Michael, Lisa, Emily, Jenny (Rich's sister and her family)
  • Patrick Richards (one of Rich's oldest friends)
  • Samantha Santos (Sibren's girlfriend)
  • The Schafers: Marshall, Ilene, Alyssa, Matthew (Rich's sister and her family)
  • The Stehmers: Karl, Pam, Eric (family friends of Rich and Judyann)
  • Daniel Stepner (Sibren's oldest and best friend)
  • Warren Trachtman (one of Rich's oldest friends)

The kids build a "campfire" out of logs and Christmas lights in the family room.
Thanks to Pat Richards and his digital camera for these pictures!
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