Some of Our Guests

Unfortunately, disk space does not allow us to show pictures of everybody (about 85 guests), so here is a small selection.

Faces in the crowd: from left to right, our "restaurant partner" Christine Ford (blue dress); Larry and Debbie Manoff in background (Larry and Rich go back about 30 years); Rich's cousin (sort of) Connie Davis; matron of honor Kathy Alligood (green dress) and her daughter Katie (back to camera); our sister-in-law Judy Trenholme (purple dress in background); and Alice's ex-husband Bill Yancey (hey, it's the 90's!).

From left to right (standing): our officiant Herb Blinder; our niece Sally Oswald and her father/our brother-in-law Michael; Dave Bazell (leaning over) and his twin sons; and Alexes Venuti. Seated, facing camera: Rob Robinson (Pat's husband), and Mary Shugrue.

Rich's sisters Ilene (sunglasses) and Lisa entertain some of their children: Jenny (blue dress), Alyssa, and Matthew.

Nieces Jenny Oswald and Alyssa Schafer, looking deceptively tranquil.

Nephew Matthew Schafer, practicing future window-breaking skills


We're grateful that many of our oldest friends were able to be with us. Most of Rich's close high school friends - "The Group" - made it. To see what the ravages of 27 years will do, click here.


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