The Ceremony

The original template for our ceremony was provided by Herb Blinder, the adjunct leader of the Washington Ethical Society who officiated at the service. We modified it extensively. Click here to see the text of the ceremony.


Here we are in real life before changing into our wedding clothes upstairs at Montpelier Mansion. Notice how relaxed we look. This is because we are heavily drugged.

Mom and Dad during the ceremony. The woman behind them is Susan Chapin, wife of Alice's thesis advisor.


The famous "Retainer Scene", in which Sibren is compelled to remove his orthodontic appliance while reciting a poem by Ogden Nash. Notice that we are doubled over laughing. Fortunately, Gabriel was able to get through his Shel Silverstein poem without any emergencies. Alice's matron of honor, Kathy Alligood, is at a safe distance on the far right.

"I now pronounce you etc., etc."

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